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Sliding shower door – Sliding glass doors for the shower offer a convenient and stylish way to finish shower or a bath. Doors open by sliding over a railing like the closet doors. This requires the

Sliding glass door coverings – Though there are a lot of ways to cover sliding glass doors and windows, drapes are one of the easiest and selections. You can select colors and styles that match your home decor. Plus, all you will need is a rod, which can be usual or as elaborate as you like, to hang over the door and window to back up your curtains. Select curtains for your own window and door.   Pick a fabric that need and is perfect for your room. Light fabric, like lace or cotton or lace, allows more light and gives the room an airy, open feel, while providing a measure of privacy.Heavier fabrics, such as wool and yarn, block out more light and offer greater solitude. If you would like to hang drapes for sliding glass door coverings, choose insulated curtains. Choose where you want to hang curtains over the door and window. Pass by the door frame and windows and mark the pen on the location. This is where you will hang on the hardware. Measure over to the other side of the window and the door 2 to 3 inches beyond the window or door frame, hold the tape measure in a direct line, and mark when the place to hang the hardware. If the hardware has somewhere to hang at the center of the door or curtain, find the centre and indicate that off as well.Next step to generate sliding glass door coverings. Hold the hardware up into the areas that you marked with the pen. Put the screws in the holes and then use the drill to fasten them in place. Repeat this process with all the curtain hardware. Publish the curtains. Put the rods over drape hardware. Tighten the screws on each component of the hardware to hold the curtain pole.

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