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Retreat holly hunt outdoor furniture to eradicate the current weather damage and to prevent future weather damage. Sand furniture with 320-grit sandpaper. Put on cotton gardening gloves to protect your hands from splinters while grinding. Examine the whole surface of the timber, sanding in the direction of the grain. Remove the wood dust with a brush. Go over the cracks or holes in the timber with wood putty. Allow the wood filler dry. Use wood glue to make the necessary fixes to the joints or bones which support the furniture. Let the paste dry.

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Use waterproof furniture covers to protect patio furniture. Get on the internet or to a furniture supply store, the appropriate sized cover. Ensure that the covers are waterproof and fit snugly around your furniture. Choose the cover that enables the porous timber furniture to breathe.

Wash the furniture in wood and plastic once every two weeks to keep the surface clean and weatherproof. Put on plastic gloves. Fill a bucket with cold water. Insert a small amount of bleach: 02:58 caps. After stirring the water dip a clean brush in the bucket. Scrub the furniture with scrub brush until all stains and dirt. Rinse the holly hunt outdoor furniture with a garden hose and then let it air dry.

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Various sorts of fresh furniture outdoors must not be fitted with weather substances and new furniture outdoors can be very costly.

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