To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The very first point to chalk paint kitchen cabinets you should do is make sure your furniture is free of moisture and dirt to prevent marks and imperfections. If you have drawers, remove them and utilize them separately. If the paint or varnish current is overly bright or has been cracked bald spots, use sandpaper to smooth the surface.

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Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – All you need are a few straightforward tools and easy to find in any hardware store.Brushes and pliers, a few pieces of cloth to clean, paint your favourite color (preferably enamel paint) of glossy or matte,a primer to help stick the new color, something to protect floor paint stains, a couple of sheets of medium grade sandpaper, something soft soap and warm water to wash your furniture before painting, and a screwdriver to remove the washers and handles your furniture.

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You should cover your furniture making sure to cover all areas that will be painted after painting. You may choose to apply another layer to make sure the job is well done. Each time you apply the primer, then you must await the wood to dry, which is, less than five hours. Once it has dried, you have a board texture. Now you’re ready to paint your furniture. To guarantee a result that is fantastic, be sure to give two coats of paint, waiting five hours.

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