Tide Pools And Plants

May 31st

Tide pools are the mini world of microorganisms that usually live in the sea. There are many kinds of microorganisms proliferate in the tide pools. The microorganisms like plants, animals, fungi, protists, bacteria, viruses can live well in this kind of pool. Especially plants in the tide pools, there can be found many kinds of plants that can’t be found in our environment can live well in the tide pools. Tide pools environment is still natural and far from human life and also able to give microorganisms a space to grow. As a result, there are many kinds of plants live well in tide pools including sea grasses, brown algae, etc.

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Sea Grasses in Tide Pools

Sea grasses can grow well in the tide pools. In the tide pools, there are enough sunlight and also shallow water to support sea grasses growth. These kinds of plants are able to produce oxygen and also photosynthesize by using enough sunlight. Sea grasses are categorized into a lily family and ginger, not into a grass family although the name is sea grasses. This kind of plant can be found in the coastlines. This kind of plant provides patronage for small mammals which live in marine and also food source for other organism. This plant is beneficial for its environment because this plant is able to stabilize the sediment.

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Brown Algae in Tide Pools

Brown algae are kind of plants that can live well in the tide pools. This plant is able to keep its structures from the danger of drying out because this plant has tissues that can absorb water. This kind of plant is very beneficial for others because it usually good to be used in paper, cosmetics, and also food products. This kind of plant is very important for human life. Brown algae can also be used to be waterproof.

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