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Jan 5th

Spiral staircase band is one of vital importance and in order to be creating gorgeous and elegance, spiral staircase should be finely decided with floor plan as consideration to gain optimal decorating. It has always been a romantic thing about staircases because of knight rushing image to the tower top just like a real fiction movie. Well, spirals have actually been used for many centuries since of ability in making fit tight space that can be built no matter what material. Spirals were commonly used in ancient castles and towers that made of stone in a clockwise direction as a fine defense from attacking swordsmen. Spiral staircases are built around a central pole with one side railing as decorations and safety at the same time. There are many great things about spiral staircases such as space effectively except comfort but a thing for granted do awesome in creating interesting designs of architecture. One of most vital importance of spiral staircases is the band that a must have to be designed to complement harmonious decor with the flooring so that amazingly impressive as home features.

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How to Design Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircase band should in fine spacing so that optimal in creating not only tight space but also steady value at the same time. When it comes to colors, you can make it in the same design and style with flooring for harmonious decor such as white to create neat, clean and well organized look not to mention wider and spacious impression which will do awesome to apply in small spaces.

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If you want to create modern contemporary home spaces, you can have the staircase band in dark paint colors like black while the flooring is white so that able to create enchanting color combinations very effectively. Well, this kind of home decorating can be applied into different materials of spiral staircase whether metal or wood to become quite enchanting decorative feature in a very significant way.

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Spiral staircases are applicable into different home spaces both indoor and outdoor so choose the material that perfectly fits your home architecture. Well, just like what I have been saying to you that you should have to make sure in creating complementing design and decor between spiral staircase band with the flooring. You can use your imagination in how to design and decorate band of spiral staircase with the flooring as creativity pouring. In order to be more impressive in becoming focal point of your home, just check this post for pictures about spiral staircase band on this post to get some inspirations.

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