Solar Pool Heater For Swimming Pool

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[amazon_link asins=’B007NIPXVI|B07F9M2232′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’ncihomegarden-20|ncihomegarden-21′ marketplace=’US|UK’ link_id=’2a6378e2-0550-4a8d-9362-f4711850bce9′] is a machine that can transform cold water into warm water. We often swim in the cold water in our swimming pool, but sometimes we want to swim in the warm water. This case is aimed to make us relax for a while and swimming in the warm swimming pool. In this case, we should install heater pool machine in order to make our swimming pool warm rather than go to the public warm swimming pool. Solar pool heater can be the solution for this problem because this machine is included on the less expensive pool heater machine. Solar pool heater is a kind of cost effective machine that is ready to help us in making the pool water warm. In choosing solar pool heater for swimming pool, we need some considerations to make sure the appropriateness of this kind of machine for our swimming pool.

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Evaluate Site of Solar Resource

The first consideration is evaluating the site of solar resource. It is very important for us to make sure whether the place of solar pool heater laid can absorb much sun’s energy or not. It is because the solar pool heater is only can work well since it can absorb enough sun’s energy to transform cold water into warm water. Meanwhile, this machine can also use direct and diffuse solar radiation. As a result, it makes people who don’t live in sunny climate easy to use this kind of machine. The design of solar pool heater is depend on the sun’s energy saved.

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Size of Solar Pool Heater

There are many factors that have to be involved in sizing a solar pool heater for our swimming pool, such as pool size, swimming season length, desire pool temperature, the average of regional temperature, site of solar resource, collector orientation, collector efficiency, and so on. Solar pool heater can be used be operated by using computer program and worksheet to determine the system requirements.

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