Simple Marble Bedside Table

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Marble bedside table – Incredible great and small bedside table, which is square on all over. The nightstand with the telling name the cube is carved from the rugged and gorgeous walnut, whereas the tabletop is made of marble. This marble bedside table is suited for the modern home which is decorated, but with good furniture. This table would be the embodiment of modern device that is Nordic. The three legs are in solid untreated ash, and also the tables top with the curved shapes have been given a finish. The table has a nice diameter of 50 centimeters, which is plenty for most. Additionally, table also is used as a side table or in addition to the coffee table in the living room.Marble bedside table stands on four legs made from solid oak and has a timeless design in a modern interpretation. This design is currently coming to people’s homes, blending it with modern features of the interiors that are new. And offers a number of additional cheap furniture for the living room, bedroom and other rooms, and you’re able to unify the d├ęcor style. The front part of the marble bedside table has a drawer at the top with front in oak look, and an open storage compartment at the base. The height is 49.7 centimeters, which fits neatly into a box mattress.Marble bedside table require special attention to prevent discoloration, and they are rather hard. If you have kids or pets, they are not the best choice. Because they scratch and stain, you must commit to taking care of this marble bedside table. This usually means using special cleaners that will not irritate the surface, and be careful when using the table. These aren’t low maintenance tables. When you select a form and color scheme, consider the kind of the table, such as Art Nouveau, rustic, classic, contemporary or modern or classic, and choose a style that blends with your decor. Go table shopping or shop online until you find that a marble bedside table you love.

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