Saltwater Pool Benefits

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Saltwater pool will be a great idea for you. Ever since its birth in Australia, the idea of saltwater pool has been astonishing in so many way. However, something in a saltwater pool is not actually groundbreaking in a way.

Things to Ponder for Saltwater Pool

The first and foremost misconception is the chlorine. A saltwater pool is not without chlorine, the pool uses less chlorine instead. The pool needs a chlorine generator (salt generator/ salt cell/ salt chlorinator) to produce chlorine through electrolysis process. The recommended residual is 2-4 ppm, as much as that in a traditional chlorine pool, so the required sanitation and oxidation of pool water is met.

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The second thought is oxidation. It is a necessary process to burn up organic contaminants, such as perspiration, urine, body oil, and sunscreen, in the pool water. A saltwater pool, on the other hand, provides the sanitation purpose only. The alternative oxidizer solution is installing an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. They say a pool with saltwater is more eco-friendly, though.

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In reality, the pool has been more popular for the last five years – you can find a saltwater pool in a luxury hotel or the backyard of an American house. Unlike a traditional chlorine pool, which requires manual chlorine pouring to the pool water – you will need to transport and store the chlorine, the saltwater pool system gives you less hassle in one way.

In another way, a saltwater pool requires proper daily cleaning. The salt causes corrosion or leaves residue on some types of stones and finishes. Next, the salt chlorinator erodes the surface area and harms pool equipment, including underwater lights. Moreover, a well-functioning chlorinator even takes time to produce enough chlorine and, in the meantime, you may have to deal with growing algae.

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Watching the appropriate level of chlorine in both traditional and saltwater pools is therefore a necessity. Yet with a saltwater pool, prepare yourself for the electric bill due to the 18-24 hour running of the chlorinator.

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