Put Together the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

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Position the shed assembly in a vertical position at the desired location. Set the door on the right’s hinge pin into the gap in the upper area of the shed opening on the side. Lay the bottom of the door into place and allow the lower hinge pin to fall into the bottom hole of the opening. Repeat the procedure for the door on the left.

Vertical Storage Shed – Rubbermaid outdoor storage sheds are designed to give safe and dry storage. It is for sporting goods, garden and lawn items, or even your garbage cans. To keep items from preventing theft, the doors of Rubbermaid shed models are lockable. The storage sheds are made when exposed to the elements of a maintenance-free material that does not rot or vanish. It there is very little time and takes only a few tools.

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It should be level and flat and have good drainage. Put the roof panel and have an assistant hold it in place. Put the perfect side wall (all pieces are marked) on its side and line the tabs on the wall with the slots on the perfect side of the roof panel. Push the wall until it snaps into place. Repeat the procedure for the left side wall. Set the wall panel between the side walls. Slide the floor panel between the side panels until the tabs on the floor panel snap right into place on the wall panel, and push down.

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This article primary ideas is vertical storage shed.