Preparation to Build Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Privacy

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Sliding barn door bathroom privacy – A common problem from the house are the doors which make lose. This situation is common in kitchens, since if opening the door for the interior of the room collides with some refrigerator or furniture. And the best thing is that you may reuse the exact identical door that’s installed. This report will make you make sliding barn door bathroom privacy and framework preparation. First measure, apply paste of re-tape from the pockets. And once it’s dry it is coated to repaint. With a cup saw of 54mm diameter cut a piece of brushed pine of 3×2″, this circle will serve to fill the gap. Then put enough cool paste to the wooden circle and stuff it into the hole.To improve the terminations employ re-tape paste around the pit of the restricted lock and from the holes of their hinges. Let dry. Take advantage of polishing the surface to remove the glitter out of the paint and sand the re-tape paste, everything goes up if painted with synthetic enamel. Apply dark neutralizer white opaque oil, so it’s going to be easier for the color to be. Let dry. Finally paint with water enamel because it is watertight and resistant to fungi. Apply adhesive of re-tape from the hinges’ pockets that stayed from the framework. And once it’s dry it is sanded to repaint. That a principle to prepare framework and sliding barn door bathroom privacy. Locate the step install and to make sliding barn door in this blog. Do the best for room in the house, especially bathroom. Happy decoration.

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