Pool Skimmer To Clean Swimming Pool

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Pool skimmer is one of many devices that should be available to support our swimming pool. This important device is much needed in helping us to clean our swimming pool water either manually or automatically. By using pool skimmer, the debris contain in the water within the swimming pool can be filtered. In order to keep our swimming pool clean, there are many types of pool skimmer to clean swimming pool. Every types of this kind of device have their own characteristic and benefit for the swimming pool. There are 3 types of this kind of device, including, manual skimmer, self contained skimmer, and also automatic skimmer.

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Manual Pool Skimmer

Manual pool skimmer is the cheapest device for cleaning the swimming pool. The design is very simple and can be used manually, so its cost is cheapest than other types of pool cleaner. Manual pool skimmer can be used by using hand and don’t need an electricity to use it. In the design, there is a mesh net to filter many kinds of debris on the pool even leaves. For certain manual pool skimmers, they are able to provide extra cleaning power because they are equipped with a hose attached to the pump.

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Self Contained Pool Skimmer

This kind of device is one of the devices that are powered by solar panel means. This kind of device needs sunlight that collected on the solar panel in order to operate the device around the pool. This kind of device can filter any unwanted particles either small or large debris on the pool. This kind of device can also be used even if the pool’s pump is not operated.

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Automatic Pool Skimmer

This kind of skimmer is connected into a drain of the swimming pool by using the hose. This kind of skimmer can move along the surface of the pool. In this case, so much debris in any sizes and also unwanted particles within the pool can be trapped into the filter. Every kind of automatic skimmers are designed to move randomly in order to avoid the devices are being lodged.

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