Making Twin Platform Bed with Trundle

Mar 28th

Twin platform bed with trundle, cut four 2-times-4 bits to ten inches. Attach the ends of the bits. Put a 10-inch piece in each face on the bed frame. Reinforce the joints with screws long screws. Cut a piece 2-times-4 to 76-inches. Attach into the piece’s faces. Attach the piece to the base of the bed frame, 30 inches from the perfect side. Cut two pieces of inches. Attach the end faces. Put the pieces between the 76-inch piece and the side of the framework, 16 inches from the end of the frame. These are support bits to prevent drawers falling into bed when closed.

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Twin platform bed with trundle, get a 1-inch diameter of 1-inch-long on 2-inch wide ends of 58-inch pieces and 80-inch-long pieces. Cut away boxes with a baufil to leave a 1-inch wide, 1-inch-long and 4-inch heavy notch. Block the 58-inch and 80-inch bits on the notches to form two frames. The slat grooves face each other. Coat the end faces of the 10-inch with trellis. Maintain 10-inch snacks to corners of rectangular frames to bed frame with a 10-inch piece as each corner support holds frames apart. Reinforce the joints with screws .

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Twin platform bed with trundle – Double bed is big enough for two people professionally, but in most smaller bedrooms, a bed of this size means little room for additional furniture. Double bed platform with drawers underneath will help you regain lost luggage space without impinging on the comfortable queen bed provides. Cut four pieces of 2-times-4 to 58 inches using the circular saw. Enter the pilot with the router. Cut a 1 inch deep, 1-inch wide cavity along the 2 inch wide surface of 2 pieces with the router. All these are grooves which slat to maintain the mattress fit.

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