Making Padded Ottoman Stool with Storage

Feb 25th

Bought covered ottoman stool with storage can be expensive, as well as sticking with fabric that doesn’t really match your dwelling. Why not make your own? This way, you can customize the fabric, size and even add some storage to boot. With tools that are basic, it’s pretty easy for anyone even comfortable with a drill and a staple gun.

Cut your foam squares with scissors or a knife so it’s about 1/4 inch larger on all four sides than your lid. Cut a piece of wadding that is quilted and put it on top of your foam. This gives ottoman stool a softer look and feel. Slide it slightly over the edge and on the underside of the lid. Place your staple gun so the staples are horizontal (not vertical), and staple the fabric in this location. Repeat for all four sides. This enables you to get it fairly even, instead of doing the whole of one side and finding yourself short of fabric. You should have the fabric secure enough to staple the rest. For the corners, fold the fabric over as if you were wrapping a present. You want your cloth stressed, but not too tight.

Stand up two 2-foot-square ottoman storage so that they are perpendicular to each other. Slide a length of one-of-one into the corner two boards do. Drill guide holes in each board. Because it’s guaranteed screw a board then the other, in 1-by-1, is no door in the corner. Repeat with the other three corners until you have an open box. Place a piece of plywood that is 2-foot-square on top of the box, making all four edges and corners aligned and screw the tops into corner stone. Turn the drawer over.

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ottoman stool with storage.

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