Installing Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

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Wall mounted bathroom vanities, locate the studs in the wall with a stud finder, in the vanity dimensions you pulled on the wall. So you can see them with the dressing table in place later mark the stud locations on top of the vanity with a pen above the line. Measure the distance from the borders of the vanity measurements are pulled to the wall and gutters stub out and the water supply valves in the wall. Transferring these dimensions on the back of the dressing table. Cut access holes larger than the supply and stub-out valves with a drill and hole saws. For the vanity place against the wall, line up the outline on the wall with vanity. Place a flat on the vanity, measured from front to rear and side to side. The unit wood shims under the elements of vanity until it measures the degree.

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Think about the placement of fittings in the room. You have to anchor the dressing table into the wall studs since they provide the anchor that will keep the vanity of shifting. Measure the depth of the vanity and mark the measurement on the bathroom floor with masking tape. Here you may see whether the dressing table will block everything else in the bathroom, such as roads or other sanitary ware, which means before installing it you can change the vanity position.

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Control wood screws through the rear of this wall mounted bathroom vanities. Use the locations that are marked to anchor the screws into the wall studs behind the vanity. Spreads a bead of silicone caulk on the edge of the sink opening, and subsequently lower the sink into the opening. Plumber putty on both sides of the tap is the deck plate. Put the deck plate over the hole in the sink and then insert the tap in the sink throughout the holes and the deck plate. Nuts on the bottom of the tap, tightening the connections together with basin wrench. Thread the water distribution lines into the water distribution valves and the bottom of the tap with a basin wrench. Wrap a string of plumber’s putty and insert it. Tighten the nut compression on the base of the drain congregation. Wrap the pipe tape downspouts subjects.

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