Ideal Modern Screened Porch

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Then an perfect modern screened porch for a modern home. Inspired by the Victorian style each dwelling, with some exceptions. Should have this kind of space. It is perfect for rainy days when you are outside. And take pleasure in the humid and fresh atmosphere. Or if you really need to get out your house, but do not go far.

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Modern screened porch – The porch is a structure outside the walls of the main construction. The word comes from the old French porch porches. The principal point of a porch is to have enough distance before the house where you can find a cozy break before entering the house. There are many types of designs and decoration of porches. You may see some in this report. Some are open and barely cover ceiling, others could be close with windows or plastic covers.

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We start our publication of thoughts on parking lots and modern screened porch, with this design. They also highlight their strong circular columns in cement white polish. Afterward space for two cars, that enter the garage to the two roads insure with granite so not to spoil the grass. We understand that the design of this porch to the car has a red tile. Which is complemented with the brick entrance wall into the house.

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modern screened porch.