How to Use the Drum End Table

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Drum end table – Drums is an artwork; they are created out and out of precision of the finest woods. Many drums sit attics, garages and basements collecting dust, whenever they could be applied as a table for your own room. Although they are a tool, use them for decoration can be achieved by changing them at a table. Using glass plywood and tack putty, you can build your own tables. The way to use this drum end table. Put a slice of round cut tabletop glass in addition to a drum, and it immediately becomes a table. A couple of the same can be arranged on both sides of bed or a sofa at the end table or night stand. To secure the glass into the drum, use tack or glue putty, which will be removed and does not damage the timber onto the drum. Roll four small parts of nail glue in small balls. Remember the putty will show through the glassso it must be good looks.Use a sheet of wood as a table top for your drums when you have small children or pets that are busy. Take a piece of plywood trim in your community home store for each drum. It can be square or circular, either form works. Stain the plywood by using matching wood tone of the drum, or a few shades darker. Put a drum on top of a larger drum for a layered drum end table look and elevation to the table. Using plywood cut to size to the top of this drum will take the weight of the drum top. Use plywood or glass tabletop. Assess the period of the drum and then pick three wooden legs in your neighborhood home store. Make sure you have the size legs to get up the barrel that you want for a table. Paint or stain the legs and screw them in the base of the drum. Put them on equal distances to balance the table. Use plywood or glass tabletop.

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