How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Counter

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Laminate kitchen counter – kitchen countertops immediately updated the appearance of a room. The thousands of dollars saved by countertops instead of replacing them keep money. Make Sure You buy a paint kit are especially designed for countertop refinishing

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Open kitchen table painting kit. There ought to be a primer and paint from the color of your choice, along with a sealant. Take the brush and fill in the areas where the roller missed. Its fine if the primer layer isn’t perfect to be painted remain covered. Open paint. Use paint evenly applies paint on primed countertop. Countertop paint is epoxy-based, which makes it waterproof and suitable for use in kitchen. Employ a sealer. Take a clean paint roller and cover the ground work surface with a layer of clear sealer. The sealer provides an added layer of paint, an important component in a frequently used room as the kitchen. Let the sealer dry. For drying times check the manufacturer’s instructions on the kit. In a few hours, the laminate kitchen counter is ready for use in a new color.

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The way to paint laminate kitchen counter, clean and prep countertop with a cloth and hot water. Remove all traces of debris and dirt. Dry freshly cleaned the kitchen table with a cloth. Open place and the cloth over the floor area to be protected against paint. Attach plastic cloth on the floor at the bottom of the cabinets using the painter’s tape. Sand the countertop surface. Work evenly to the sand in the entire paint will be put on the laminate. It needs to be slightly scuff the surface of the existing laminate. By developing a scuffed surface, primer and paint stick to the laminate. This produces the paint durable and less prone to chipping or scents.

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