How to Measure a Room for a Full Size Sofa Bed

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Assess the height of this full size sofa bed, and plot this on the wall where you set the sofa. This is particularly important if you have windows on this wall you will want to determine if they are clear on the back of the sofa. Review the measurements of the sleeper sofa mechanism, and draw them. You should have a rectangle that correlates to the couch and another rectangle of tape to the table.

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A full size sofa bed comprises frame and a hidden mattress folded out into a bed. Assessing your room to check it can accommodate a sofa bed means measuring the distance to the sofa and mattress and frame. You also should plan to move the sofa bed in your room as the doors and corridors must be big enough to allow the passage of this sofa bed. Get the dimensions of the sofa bed that you wish to place on your room, and select the place you would like the sofa bed to be in the room. Measure the period of the couch on your tape measure and place the tape measure that is protracted where you would like the back of the couch. Run a piece of tape on the floor next you have measured.

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Then to quantify a room for a full size sofa bed. Measure the depth of the sofa on your tape measure and set two tape bits that correspond to this dimension that extends from each end of the ring, which reflects the length of the sofa. So that you have the shapes of a rectangle onto the floor, connect both sides to the depth. This is as soon as the sleeper mechanism isn’t pulled out the sum of floor space your couch will probably pick up.

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