How to Add a Headboard to a Full Captains Bed

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To add a headboard to a full captains bed. Attach the bed frame so that you may get into the rear of the card installed in the bed headboard. The mattress supports on a platform mounted on the cover of the bed frame. This stops you from obtaining the area without placing the frame. Push on the bolts throughout the headboard and into the bed frame. Secure the bolts with nuts and a wrench. Place the bed frame vertical in its position and slide it against the wall. And place the mattress and mattress back into the frame.

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Full captains bed – The size bed usually consists with a mattress placed on top of a rectangle frame in box. And you’ll be able to customize this utility bed by installing a headboard. Since the bed is generally a wooden box, then it is easy to put in a headboard with basic tools.

To bring a headboard to a full captains bed. Remove the mattress and bottom of the bed frame. Oftentimes, the bed will not have a frame. Slide the bed frame away from the wall so it is possible to get the bed headboard. Measure the width of the bed frame with a tape measure. This will allow 2 feet out of the head of the bed to stretch from the top of the framework. Then you may pick out a chip that extends higher if you opt. And then place the head against the head of the bed and move the mounting holes into the head of the bed at the back of the bed frame. Put the header aside for now.

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