Excellent Slate Tile Bathroom

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Slate tile bathroom – aesthetic that is modern that is Highly durable, slate tile is an excellent selection for your bathroom tile. With an uneven rocky surface, pieces of slate tiles are unique because they make an original design of your floor, tub / shower surround or backsplash. It combines textures to build a slate design appropriate for decorating your bathroom.

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Slate tile bathroom, totally transform your bathroom using the chalkboard wall. Slate works for backsplash, floor, sink backsplash and bathtub surround. Choose patterns and colors for walls and slate soilpatterns match for slate flooring areas and tub. Floors should be transformed into gray slate slab.

Surrounding turquoise pieces of slate tile with wood accents on the bathroom floor. The mahogany details might be in the shape of a diamond or mix that tile pieces fit easily round each accent. Insert wood accents in a pattern around the bathroom. The result is a design suitable for eccentric floor bathroom decoration Southwestern style.

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In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your current project about slate tile bathroom.