Easy Rustic Electric Fireplace Ideas

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Way that was on and easy a budget can be applied that meet your taste. Electric fireplace is modern contemporary but there are versions in rustic country styles. The key is the mantel. Choose earthy themed materials and colors that to represent the rustic decorating. Feel yourself free in pouring anything you want and need at affordable budget.

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They are easy to decide. Pick whether you are having the fireplace mantel to be made of brick, stone or wood. The decision is yours to make in the effort to be in creating able.

Stone mantel is best with strong accent in representing rustic country style decorating. Brick is also great that easy to stack for a durable and strong quality of fireplace mantel. Last but not least. I have wooden mantel in the electric fireplace. Ain’t it cool? By using reclaimed wood that lasting and durable in featuring colors and themes I built it myself. When spending moments, A TV as an entertainment center is placed to make everyone is accommodated to have a feel.

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