Double Crochet Baby Blanket Design

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Double crochet baby blanket – Crocheting a baby blanket is a terrific craft project for mothers-to-be to work on during their pregnancy. While doing your own carpet can seem daunting for those who have never crocheted before, crochet process is quite straightforward to master after a few practice pieces. Once you’ve learned a few basic crochet steps, you can also learn how to make other projects such as hats and scarves for your baby.

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Count how many loops you’ve created in this first chain and be certain that you create the exact same number of double crochet baby blanket for each additional row in the carpet. If you accidentally miss a bow or add too many in a row, your carpet come out misshapen. Turn singe chain around your palm and wrap the front end of the yarn over the hook from the back, so it loops around the hook.

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Tie a slip knot in the yarn around the hook. This will be counted as the first loop in your own chain. Loop tip of the hook once around the major end of the yarn and pull it through to create a second loop. Continue to work in a single chain until it is the desired width of the carpet. Normally it would be about 30 inches. Make sure that the number of chains on your first number is divisible by the number 3, because you will be looking into every third chain when making a double crochet baby blanket in the following rows.

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