DIY Ikea Hack Bunk Bed

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We have adjusted the top bed to the wall with small squares that prevent the bed from oscillating when raising or lowering the upper one.  They are delighted, even though it must be said that at first child was somewhat mad.  Since we’ve placed the bunk, it has become a playground.  Under bed we have 4 vinyl boxes full of Lego and Duplo.  We did not want to eliminate this storage space, so we discarded the option of making a trundle Ikea hack bunk bed as we have seen in some web pages.

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Ikea hack bunk bed – your room has been shared and we have had to be able to come across the space! We had thought of putting some bunk beds but they’re all adult dimensions and almost all are very high, which makes it challenging to create the bed and, what was more important to me, Being able to have contact with the child that cries above.  And they are measures of 2 meters, and that’s what we did not want since we prefer to give as much floor space as possible into this game area and not to a huge bed whose bottom part isn’t utilised in years.

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They slept from Ikea, 70×160.  The headboard is relatively high and we chose to attempt to put on one of those Ikea hack bunk bed the two headboards and at the other the two pieceros.  Once this was done, we only had to try and put one on top of the other to see whether the distance between the two beds was enough.  Said and done: we pierced the bed below, that of the two headboards and also the legs of the one above, the 2 pieceros.  We fix with glued tubillions and we insert two metallic plates in two of their legs to give it stability.

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