DIY Folding Cocktail Tables

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Folding cocktail tables – A table is a double purpose table to become and be both a minimal level cocktail table plus height dining table. The style was popularized years ago and reproduced by furniture manufacturers, often using complex folding structures. A table can be built with a table top and hinged side panels which serve the same role for its extended or flipped configuration and it comes with a down weight cocktail version. Construct the stand frame for the table out of 2-of-2 inch red pine boards. Spread 30-inch dimension in the framework with two 26 1/2 inch with 2 inch red oak boards, 20 and 40 inches from one end of 60-inch dimension.Connect planks to 60-inch surfaces of the framework with the same pilot drill and screw the function just like the framework, drilling through the 60-inch sides and at the ends of the 26 1/2 inch discs. Turn 36-by-72-inch plank onto a work surface and centre framework that is 30-inch-by-60-inch on it. Ground and drill 1/4 inch guide holes to attach the frame to the desktop. Put three holes that are equivocal at each of the 2-inch cross and make the holes at 8-inch intervals around the frame beams. Drive a 3-inch wood screw and into the surface. Drill another hole at a nearby location on the frame and apparatus for a screw.Router out double sink, hinge-flat dadoes on both the long-dimension sides of both short and more side leg planks. Screw and drill attach one 1 inch sliding cabinet connector between the upper and lower side segments, making the fastening on the leg segments’ outgoing surfaces. Connect the two side base parts from the folding cocktail tables frame by turning them at the same mode to the measurement pages of 30 frame.

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folding cocktail tables.