DIY Elegant Media Console Tables

Apr 22nd

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Media console tables – Locating an elegant media console that fits into a small distance is not an easy task. Finding one that’s affordable and that is also elegant and enters your distance is more difficult. Solution: Build your own! To begin, cut three pieces of wood from two x 12 to 84″long, you can do it with a circular saw or miter saw, or have them cut in the local hardware store when you buy these Cut two more pieces of wood from 2 x 12 to 15″long. Take one of those small pieces which you cut and with a carpenter’s square leave an inch and draw on a point. Drill four test holes along the line.Then with a drill slightly larger than the size of the screw head, drill larger holes using this drill only under the test holes you drilled. Place the pieces on the floor. Guarantee the bits are aligned with the edges of the larger bits. Place the pieces along with the screws at the test holes. Be sure to place the piece that is brief on the other end of the console following the exact same method. Cut a piece of 2 x 12 to 28 1/2″long Center this bit on the back of your console Drill test holes all over the top, middle and bottom of the back piece from the joints with the shelves of this media console tables, mend the back with screws at the evaluation holes.Add reinforcements of media console tables! Cut two pieces from 2 x 12 to 12″long, they’ll be placed between the shelves to give you more support, put these pieces in 18″ from the open side of each shelf. Use a carpenter’s square to make sure they are straight and that they match in the upper and bottom.   Use filler or wood filler to fill out the holes where the screws were embedded. Once the dry, then dry the sandpaper. Several layers may be mandatory if the holes are not deep. Use a rag to clean dirt or all dust.

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