Can You Refinish a Cast Concrete Kitchen Counter?

Dec 8th

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Concrete kitchen counter – The use of concrete countertop substances have raised in the last several years. When properly treated and cared for, if concrete last for decades with very little trouble. There are several repair practices. A coat of paint is a means to change the look of a concrete kitchen counter. It’s necessary before starting the painting process to fill out the cracks. Fractures are common in concrete and must be emptied by a crack filler and epoxy putty. Smooth the filler into the cracks and permit lots of time to wash; specific drying times vary according to manufacturer. Clean counter top with warm water and soap to remove surface and grease stains; Use a wire brush to rough up the surface of the seat. The painting process requires 2 layers of polyurethane, multiple thin layers of latex paint, and 01:59 layers of primer.

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Overlay concrete kitchen counter, a concrete overlay will give a surface for countertops. The approach requires the addition of a layer of concrete over the countertop using a trowel. This will cover any issues, such as cracks, chips or color. The coating material can be colored with paint or stain to match the decor. It must be coated to prevent scratches, stains and other problems, After the layer dries completely. This is an important step in renovating an current countertop.

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Embossing, concrete stamping is a process which will add texture into the countertop to concrete kitchen counter. This is done while the concrete is pumped, or as a nutritional supplement for an overlay. Before the concrete dries, then it’s pressed with stamps to create the desired appearance. These stamps can create the appearance of granite countertops, stone or wood, among other materials – usually at a cost that is lower. Pigments are added to attain the appearance desired.

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In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your project about concrete kitchen counter.

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