Bunk Beds and Lofts Ideas

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Bunk beds and lofts are a way to give a space for each child in a size bedroom. Sleeping areas give each child a feeling of privacy. Before buying bunk beds, think about who will use them the most. While the children are witty, bunk beds and lofts cannot be the choice for your own family when seeing the city. Make sure that the person in the translator can climb up and down the steps.

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Ideas for build bunk beds and lofts. Set a 63-inch leg and align a board vertical to the board’s border. Use recesses to drill two screws through the leg in the side slat. Line the other leg with the end and twist in two screws. Put two 1-by-3 inch boards, 63 inches long, down on the surface. Line a 80 1/2 inch board perpendicular to the peak of the 63 inch plank align the edges and secure with two screws through the side lamella into the leg. Move to the border and repeat with the other leg. Place the two side edges in their sides with the outside being faced by the slats. Row an 801/2-inch slat at the mark for the upper slat and bottom at the 111/2-inch markers. Attach of them with two screws at each end. Put 55-inch on board perpendicular to the base edge of the part , at precisely the same level as the base of the louver, 161/2 inches from the side of their bed.

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Place 1-by-3-inch boards side. Quantify 7/8 of a inch from the side of this board and draw a line down the length of each plank. Turn the disks and repeat on the opposite side. Measure from the edge down 6 1/2 inches and mark the center line with a mark, measure 13 inches down and create another brand on the middle line. From bottom to bottom, quantify 11 1/2 inches, 18 inches and 24 1/2 inches and mark the center line with each of these dimensions. Transfer the measurements.

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