Beauty Landscape Stepping Stones

May 15th

With a few straightforward steps, your landscape stepping stones staircase will take your lawn to a new level. Walk on your hillside, throw away any existing weeds along with your origins. Then eliminate them. Even smaller terraces on each floor with a scoop. Make sure the terrace is horizontal and slightly larger than the floor itself. Repeat for each plant location.

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Landscape stepping stones – Stone steps combine function and beauty in the hillside gardens; Its shape, texture and color provide focal points in any landscape design. Steps curves mimic natural stream beds, while straight runs create vertical accent. Plan enough distance for larger plants grow without intrusion into the very same measures. And then enough space between pass bands to allow drainage. Then, use these niches of leaves of mosses or ferns.

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Place the plants onto the ground and pack-fill the holes shifted soil. Dig pockets in any cracks between vertical landscape stepping stones. Exaggerate the standpoint. Plant large plants close to the bottom of the steps, and also smaller plants near the top. The mountain will appear longer and bigger. Don’t forget to check our gallery to inspire you.

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