Backyard Roller Coaster And Coolest Dad

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Backyard Roller Coaster And Coolest Dad, this story may inspire you to have your own backyard roller coaster at home.

Can you imagine having your own and personal backyard roller coaster? You may think that having backyard roller coasters are quite impossible, especially if you live in urban areas where the space is quite limited and cramped, and you have not-so-big backyard to build the roller coaster. But you know what? It’s not impossible at all. Well, since there is a cool dad that built up a roller coaster for his kids.

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Backyard Roller Coaster Cool Dad

If you want to know how to build a backyard roller coaster, you may have to learn from Will Pemble. This 50 year old man wanted to do something great and cool for his kids, and he ended up creating a project called as The Coaster Dad Project, started in September 2019. This special dad dedicated his time, efforts, and energy to build a 10 feet high and 180 feet long coaster, costing him around $3,500. The overall project was documented and posted on Youtube. Not only he documented everything through videos on Youtube, he also updated his blog concerning his construction experience. In the end, he managed to make his own personal backyard roller coaster – which is possible to set up.

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Pemble claimed that he wanted to do something great and unforgettable for his two kids – Lyle (10 years old) and Ellie (12 years old). He got the idea from Great Adventure Six Flags in New Jersey, where he and his son rode on Kingda Ka, one of the best roller coasters they have ever experienced.  Since then, he had been thinking about building his own backyard roller coaster.

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In case you want to have your own roller coaster at home or you may want to know the backyard roller coaster price kit, you can always browse around. Who knows…maybe you can make your own backyard roller coaster.

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