Assemble A Daybed Porch Swing

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Inspect your roof beams, otherwise known as slabs. To properly support the weight of a swing, you must have studs measuring 2-by-6 feet minimum. Gauge the length from the joists to the floor of the porch and the amount of the string or rope that comes with your daybed porch swing. Gauge the distance between the two swing arms using tape measure before starting. Use a tape measure and a pencil to indicate two dots over the joists at the same space; this is where you would like to install eye bolts to back up your daybed porch swing.

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Daybed porch swing – A rustic porch swing can liven up any home and will soon become a gathering place for your family members. There are a number of styles of porch swing to choose from, with wood and wicker two common construction materials. Once you’ve picked your swing, to hang there long. If you cannot reach the ceiling joists to hang your swing, you’re better off buying a frame from hanging your daybed porch swing.

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The way to construct a daybed porch swing. Screw eye bolts in these holes so the eye dangling down to the ground. Remove firmly. You are able to use a screwdriver as a lever for the past couple of laps. Hang S hook through the eye bolt. Put a link from the chain on the other end of this S-hook. Make sure the swing dangling at least 18 inches from the ground.

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daybed porch swing.